5 Tips to Overcome Your Math Difficulties

It is very common for people with ease in math to be considered to have above average intelligence, but this is a misnomer. Perhaps, the merit of these people is that they had good teachers and even those who praised their performance as children. Not liking math is common because many of us have been encouraged to see it as difficult, boring, and useless. But there is still hope.

1 – Identify your difficulties

Identify how, when, and why you started to see math as a difficult subject. Typically, most students excel in math in their early years and over time begin to get poor grades. Is this your case? So, look into your past to find answers. Perhaps, the difficulty is in understanding certain concepts, which were misinterpreted or taught in the most complicated way (believe me, some teachers have this gift). You will have to make revisions to understand where the problem is.

2 – Get over

Once you’ve identified it, it’s time to get over it. And you will overcome the problem by facing it. Study math. Make it your best friend; buy books, notebooks, colored pens, etc.

3 – Take it easy

Mathematics, like any area of ​​knowledge, is made up of several parts that form a whole, so keep in mind that you won’t learn or overcome all your difficulties overnight.

4 – Put in your head that math is easy

Write this down in all possible places. If you’ve heard a lot that math is difficult and complicated, you probably have difficulties, thanks to it. Gradually, you will begin to believe that it is easy and no more math difficulties.

5 – Learn like children

Ever wonder why kids learn so fast? One of the main reasons is that they don’t care about the error. They are not afraid to make mistakes or do not care what others will think or say about them, so they are not ashamed to ask and explore to the full what they are enjoying learning.

And speaking of exploring, final tips:

  • Discover the history of mathematics. It is super old and full of characters involved, interesting stories and easy to assimilate. Find out how certain terms, concepts and theorems were created, as well as formulas. There are many books that talk about the subject, such as Math Through the Ages, by William P. Berlinghoff and Fernando Q. Gouvêa.
  • Have notebooks exclusively for the subject and notebooks.
  • Try to get a better look at the world around you. In everything, there is a mathematical concept behind it. It takes calculations to make constructions and use concepts we learned in school. But to be simpler, just look and see the shapes of everything around you.
  • Take an online course in math. It can be either from a specific area or broader: the important thing is to be able to have contact with richer material and interact with teachers.

So, ready to overcome your difficulties in math? Leave your comment!


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