The Heart and Cardiac Cycle

Cardiovascular disease is the main cause of death among diabetics, and it is your responsibility to help avoid it. Taking steps to protect your heart will make you feel great about yourself.

Focus on academics because your grades are more important.

Don’t play outside because you have a test tomorrow.

Join academic clubs instead of sports because it looks better on a college application.

These things are meaningless without a good heart. Heart disease is often overlooked and some people fail to take good care of it. Below are the topics covered in this article to ensure that your heart is at its best.

About the Heart

The heart’s job is to circulate oxygen-rich blood to all regions of the body, as well as to nourish cells and tissues and remove waste. Blood is also pumped back to the heart and oxygen from the lungs is supplied. The chemical process that helps transform food into energy to fuel the body includes oxygen. Didn’t understand the long definition? The point is to keep your heart healthy because it gives you more oxygen. More oxygen means more breaths, more breaths mean a longer life span. Would you dive into a pool with gold? Yes, you will, but for that you need oxygen.

The Cardiac Cycle

Proper cardiovascular system function is dependent on the cardiac cycle. The cardiovascular system is composed of the heart and blood vessels, which provide nutrients to and eliminate gaseous waste from the body’s cells. Pumping blood throughout the body is made possible by the cardiac cycle. The blood vessels serve as pathways to transport blood. The blood flows from the heart to the body. Then the blood flows back to the heart. Afterwards, the blood flows to the lungs for oxygen, and then the blood carrying oxygen flows back to the heart. 

Ways to Keep your Heart Healthy

Instead of keeping you bored with every tiny detail about the heart, let’s focus on how to improve our heart. This is the nitty-gritty and the purpose of this article. 

1. Sit Less

Sitting is part of our daily routine, whether at work, watching a movie, or on the toilet (not that you shouldn’t go to the bathroom). The American Diabetes Association recommends that you get up and move around every 30-45 minutes because sitting for too long will impact your mental state too. It may make you moody. Instead of sitting and playing on your phone, go for a walk with your friends. Sitting for too long can cause high blood pressure, and can affect your metabolism. Moving around frequently enables your mind and body to connect and improve mental thinking in the long term. 

2. Exercise More

This ties in to the previous topic about sitting for long periods of time. It can really make your body stiff. Exercising is the best solution to this. There is no need to run 6 miles a day, however the right amount of the steps can make a difference. Regular to moderate exercise is critical to the human body because when you exercise, your muscles become involved in the utilization of glucose. The glucose stored in your body can give you diabetes. Exercising is especially critical to diabetic patients in terms of treating their diabetes and cardiovascular risk.

3. Eat well

The right nutrition is essential to keeping your heart healthy. Try to control your eating by eating the right amount for at least 5-6 days of the week, preferably 6. Overloading yourself is not good because it can cause you to consume too many calories at once, which will affect the diaphragm.

Problems pertaining to the diaphragm will lead to indigestion and eventually breathing problems which is a no-no for your heart. You should eat fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains for your carbohydrates. You should try to limit unhealthy fats because those are hard to digest and can raise your cholesterol and blood pressure. High blood pressure or high cholesterol is the worst thing that you can do to your heart because that will raise your chances of getting a heart attack. Drinking juices with green leaves and fruits is a very good way to keep your heart healthy. It hydrates you and you get your daily intake of calories, Vitamin C, etc. Protein in your lentils is also a great way to boost energy.

4. Manage your stress

Exercise, meditation, relaxation, and art can help with stress management and heart health. Stress releases hormones in our body, and many of these hormones raise our blood sugar and make it harder for our diabetes to get under good control. Stress impacts the blood vessels, making it harder for them to relax, which increases the risk of heart disease. Think of things that you can do to diffuse the amount of stress you put on yourself during your daily activities. Thinking ahead will minimize the stress you put on yourself. Also, enjoy what you do. If you do the toughest activities with a positive attitude and be completely stress-free about the results, you will in fact tackle your goals much more efficiently. Stress causes your brain to become distracted from what you are doing, which hampers your overall performance significantly. Exercising is a great way to manage stress because it releases endorphins which are good stress relievers and correspond to better sleep.

5. Sleep

Poor sleep can increase stress hormones. It is ideal for everyone to get at least 8-9 hours of sleep each night, especially if they are young or old. Sleeping in a dark room without any distractions will soothe your heart, decrease your heart rate and heal many processes in your body. Sleeping is the most important lesson in this article because, without it, there is no you, no me, there is nobody.

Piyush Holany

Hello, I am Piyush Holany: A CS student at West Forsyth High School with an interest in S.T.E.M. I love interacting with different people. Most importantly, I am very goal-oriented, meaning that I only focus on a few things at once and ensure to complete them.


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