The 3Ps to Success

Consider a physics equation. Time is equal to distance divided by speed. Distance is persistence towards a goal. Speed is how fast you reach it. If you are persistent with your goal at a given rate, you will find time. If you are looking for a physics lesson on instantaneous velocity then please head to the “Wright Brothers”, who created the first motorized airplane. This article, however, will guide you through how to manage your time effectively with the three Ps. No, it is not Piyush. The three Ps are Purpose, Persistence, and Patience. Maybe after reading this article, you will find time to visit the Wright Brothers. Let’s get moving. 


The word success only should come out of your mouth if you have set a goal.  Without a goal, you will not be motivated, persistent, or patient with anything. You will just be Piyush: nothing. You need to be self-aware of what you really want to achieve. After the dedication you put into your work, exercise, or anything, you should feel like you accomplished something, and that only will come if you set a goal. Often, people talk about their to-do list at a lunch table with their boss. There are sets of things they want to accomplish, but those goals are not realistic. This is where prioritization comes into play. You need to develop a passion for one thing, the thing that really clicks your heart (check out my heart article after reading this), and focus only on that passion. You can’t focus on many passions, otherwise, you will be confused and will give up quickly. If your mind is focused on one thing at once, you will work your heart off to achieve it. Once you have prioritized your goal, you need to get up, and start rolling. 


This is a great exercise.

I am going to continue forever.

They say these lines for a couple of weeks, but then start to deteriorate in their performance, their frequency, and eventually, they give up. This is because they start getting text messages, birthday party invitations, or a sleepover invite. Their goals sway off their mind and a couple of days later: GONE! This is where persistence comes into play. If you really have set a driven goal for yourself, that actually touched your heart, and really motivated you to start and finish, you will not give up. However, if you set a goal for the sake of setting a goal, then yes, you will be attracted to those birthday parties and text messages. This also brings back the point of setting fewer goals. Setting fewer goals gives you a better chance to accomplish them. Achieving 1 goal will make you happier than achieving 2 because the importance of that 1 goal is greater.

Be persistent with your work towards your goals. Make smaller goals throughout smaller periods of time to achieve that big goal. If you have a goal to be the best soccer player in the world, then start practicing soccer dribbles in your yard with someone. Do this more frequently during the day for shorter periods of time. This strategy will keep you moving and prevent you from getting tired or bored. The next day should be another exercise and so on. If you have 6 APs, 4 extracurricular activities, and 2 tests coming up, how are you going to manage your time? Say you are weak in social studies and strong in science. Study science first, because that will strengthen your confidence in that subject. Now when you study for social studies, you have a positive attitude, and you are not tired, because you studied the easier subject first. Also, you know that you don’t have any other subjects to study for, so your full focus is on social studies. Keep this strategy in mind when you work to achieve your goals because it will keep you motivated and therefore more persistent. 


Often, people come across many obstacles in their lives, which hampers their motivation to continue further. Patience makes you more productive. If you have many tasks to accomplish during the day, and have prioritized the ones you want to complete for sure, but are still left overwhelmed, stay calm and take a deep breath. It is easier said than done, but you have to give it a try. You probably don’t even have time to read this article. However, if you read it and learn something from it, it may help you conquer your daily challenges. With patience, you are more focused, calm, and less stressed out. You have more thinking space which is something that you avoid when in a rush. 


You may be wondering why I used the Wright Brothers as an example in my silly introduction. That introduction might have been silly, but it is an important part of the article to understand. The Wright Brothers are the “right” example for this topic. The Wright Brothers used the 3 Ps very effectively and this was the cause of their success in the end. This is what we know them for.

The Wright Brothers had a purpose and a passion for flying airplanes and seeing how they worked. They took note of what went wrong on each flight. They were determined to uncover its secrets. The purpose took them to a point where they started delving deeper into what they intended to do. They started exploring the whys and the hows. They used the physics equation, time = distance divided by speed formula, to figure out how high the airplanes went. They were motivated and persistent in what they were doing. They didn’t give up. They failed multiple times and were patient and instead of trying again and again, they attempted to go back and see what went wrong. They had a positive attitude their whole life and were rewarded with success in the end. Follow the Wright Brother’s strategy and you will be on the right track to failure because failure creates success.

Piyush Holany

Hello, I am Piyush Holany: A CS student at West Forsyth High School with an interest in S.T.E.M. I love interacting with different people. Most importantly, I am very goal-oriented, meaning that I only focus on a few things at once and ensure to complete them.

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