M-Z ACADEMY offers articles, videos, and practice exercises for learning enrichment. We are a team of students that came together with the mission of providing free knowledge to everyone. We cover maths, science, history, economics, and much more.

It all started in the summer of 2019, as a video channel on the YouTube platform. The goal was to provide educational resources and how-to tutorials to the global community. To achieve that, our founder, Moiz, posted new videos weekly. The main focus then was mathematical formulas and coding tutorials. Along with his sister, Zahra, they were both able to create and publish these videos on a continuous basis. Soon they provided coverage in Arts & Crafts, History, Science, English, and more.

With the support of the YouTube community, they were focused and never stopped their efforts. Fast forward to March of 2021, M-Z ACADEMY has expanded its reach greatly and launched a website. We now focus on much more, striving to provide all our readers with original, clear, and to-the-point articles and posts. We’ve also launched TechsCurrent.com, another website providing tech guidance, tech news, reviews, and more.

M-Z ACADEMY is grateful for all of our supporters and backers throughout the years. It would not have been possible without your encouragements and compliments. Thank you so much for joining us on our journey.

We are a group effort; the below table lists all our team members and individual contact info. We all came together simply to fulfill our mission, and to enjoy while doing so. Revenue earned through ads placed and donations are used to offset hosting/service costs, and generally to make our platform better for everyone!


Moiz – Editor-In-Chief/Filmmaker [Email Moiz]

Senior Editor(s)

Akshay – Senior Editor/Website Manager [Email Akshay]

Associate Editor(s)

Zahra – Associate Editor/Video Producer [Email Zahra]

Staff Writer(s)

Sanjay – Staff Writer [Email Sanjay]

Freddie – Staff Writer [Email Freddie]

Arpit – Staff Writer [Email Arpit]

Forum Moderator(s)/Media Promotion

Havish – Chat Support/Moderator [Email Havish]

If you have any questions or want to get in touch with us, feel free to contact us via email, which will be processed in a ticketing system, or via the contact form. Inquiries sent by the aforementioned will be answered by any available team member. To contact an individual, please do so via the personal emails listed above next to their name.