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As students ourselves, we understand that every student has a different learning approach. Some prefer to learn by hearing, some by seeing, others by doing, and some by asking questions. One thing all students have in common is that they all learn best when they can incorporate items and topics that interest them into their studies. We make sure of that at M-Z ACADEMY, with engaging on-demand courses, classes, videos, and more.



Classical Japan – Asuka, Nara and Heian

Classical Japan was an era of civilisation that lasted over five centuries. Succeeding the Kofun period, Classical Japan began with the spread of Buddhism in


Stem Cells – Ethical Or Not?

Most of us have heard of the term “stem cells”. However, not many of us understand what they are beyond the fact that they can


Geography of East Asia

East Asia – the region with perhaps one of the richest histories and cultures of the world. It is often the place where non-Asians usually


Cancer – Mutations, Growth, and Causes

To many of us, cancer is a potentially life-threatening condition. The majority of us are bound to know of people who have suffered or are


Viruses – Living or Non-Living

With the COVID-19 pandemic, we have heard a lot of viruses of late. Many are confused – are they living or non-living? Can we kill